Bocube Watertight Enclosure B-181306

A Small Start Leads To Big Outcomes With Medical Manufacturer

The Challenge

This Enclosure customer manufactures Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) equipment for the medical industry. Their machines help circulate blood in hospital patients after surgery or an accident. In an early version of their product, they had turned to Phoenix Mecano for a small order of our standard polycarbonate enclosure. However, the industry soon realized there was a strong demand for a portable unit that could be taken home with patients to continue their treatment for up to 30 days. Since this was a medical application, the customer needed UL certified materials and was required to pass FDA and other approval processes. To meet this demand, they needed a solution that was small, lightweight and cost-effective.

The Solution

After reviewing the customer’s technical requirements, we found an ideal solution within our existing product line. The Bocube met most of the client’s criteria, while offering exceptional design and a sophisticated appearance. In addition to the Bocube, we also introduced a membrane keypad to optimize the electronic interface and accommodate additional functionality. We also provided samples of the enclosure with the right dimensions, as well as offered our full range of in-house, value-added services, which provide additional design, appearance and functionality benefits.  

The Result

The customer has ordered prototypes to be submitted for CSA/FDA approval.

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