Creating tailor-made toughness for a global wireless technology leader.

The Challenge:

Phoenix Mecano’s customer, On-Ramp Wireless (Ingenu), is the global leader in wide-area machine-to-machine connectivity. Only the On-Ramp Network has the range, capacity, and security to address the growing demand for smart grid, remote monitoring, wide area sensing, and other M2M applications.  On-Ramp Wireless needed an enclosure to prove the “access point” for data transmission from endpoint nodes via RF modems.

The customer hired a design-engineering consultancy agency located in Calgary, AB, Canada to assist with the application design. The agency explained the need for an outdoor enclosure to be pole-mounted, and capable of withstanding harsh environments with fluctuating temperatures. It also had to meet NEMA 4/IP66 and be safe for operators and technicians to work on in the field.

The Solution:

Phoenix Mecano engineers supplied drawings of our cast aluminum series. Its versatile and rugged build make it ideal for demanding environments and met the customer’s NEMA 4/IP66 requirements. In addition, our engineering team offered a special internal hinge that would protect the lid when opened on the pole for maintenance.

The Result:

The customer designed the Phoenix Mecano aluminum enclosure product into the application and now orders them regularly. On-Ramp Wireless also selected a larger version of the same aluminum enclosure product group for a new application requirement, for which we have supplied the first pre-production part. Both enclosures are machined, painted, and silk-screened before they leave our manufacturing facility, which simplifies ordering and distribution for the customer.

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