Patented quick change adapter from ROSE System Technology

The unique, patented quick-change adapter “QuickLock” from ROSE System Technology ensures that downtimes due to malfunctions are minimized. This saves valuable production time that would be lost if the panel PC was laboriously replaced.     Spring contacts for the new generation The first generation of the QuickLock was a mechanical plug connection that had

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EPX-II KG — Twin-tube Linear Actuator With Ball Screw Drive

Whether occasional or a dynamic movement — with the linear units of the EP(X)-II product line, RK Rose+Krieger provides robust solutions for precise positioning of medium to high loads in any installation position. The company from Minden has now expanded its innovative line to include twin-tube linear actuators with ball screw drive. The new EPX-II KG linear units are highly precise, provide maximum flexibility, and are 100% compatible with the existing EP(X) product range.

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