Check Out Our New Video: TEFELEN Busbar Solutions

TEFELEN, a trusted Phoenix Mecano partner company, is the first American company to provide special low voltage and medium voltage cast resin insulated Busbar and Bus Pipe solutions throughout the American market. Dedicated to building long-term relationships with clients, TEFELEN provides power plants, industrial manufacturing, shipyards, and maritime technologies the best solution for cost-effective and innovative electrical energy systems.

Each TEFELEN product is built to the highest quality standard and is suitable for difficult environmental conditions. TEFELEN offers a wide variety of cost, weight, and space-saving benefits, and also features significantly less maintenance than current U.S. electrical cabling systems. There is simply no other company in the United States that manufactures Busbar and Bus Pipe products of this caliber.

We are proud to establish this cutting-edge product within the US market, while strengthening the application of cast resin Busbar and Bus Pipe systems, all across the globe. Check out our new video to learn how we have taken the initiative towards becoming the driving force that pushes the technology of electrical energy to new heights!

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