MultiControl II duo plus: upgraded lifting column controller for even more flexibility

Following the premium version of the tried-and-tested MultiControl II duo lifting column controller which was shown for the first time at the Hanover Messe 2019, RK Rose+Krieger is now introducing the MultiControl II duo plus. A basic version and premium version of this upgraded variant will also be available for delivery. The basic version of the controller can now position up to four identical drives synchronously, for example an existing table frame comprising four Multilift II lifting columns. The premium version even provides the option of defining two different drive groups and moving them either synchronously or individually. A typical application would be a control room in which the height of the table and monitors is adjusted by just one controller.

Further new functions of the MultiControl II duo plus include the service drive and the screen lock for the operating control. The service drive function helps to eliminate distortions on the system by positioning just a single drive. The screen lock protects the drives from unauthorised access.

When upgrading the controller, RK Rose+Krieger also modified the Multilift and Slimlift lifting columns and the LZ 60 electric cylinder so that they would be compatible with the new MultiControl II duo and MultiControl II duo plus controllers. Together with the complete series of Multilift II and Powerlift M lifting columns, a total of ten drive elements can now be controlled.

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