Find Us at The Assembly Show to Check out our Improved Generation of Worthwhile Work Systems Using The RK LEAN Solution For Workstations that Work SMART.

These days, a wide and varied range of demands are placed on manual assembly workstations, particularly in the area of small and medium-sized series. Because height-adjustable workbenches are a central part of ergonomic workstation design, we recently announced a rework of the RK LEAN Solution. If you’re attending The Assembly Show in Rosemont, Illinois from October 22-24, find us at booth #2335 to learn more about the newest generation of workstation systems and see for yourself how it can increase productivity in the workplace.

With numerous new accessories from the Phoenix Mecano industrial modular system, RK LEAN Solution has the capabilities to include an ESD table top, roller conveyors, end plates, socket strips for energy supply, tool holders, a drawer block, a keyboard shelf and a PC holder. On request, the table can also be equipped with a hand switch with or without a display screen. These systems are quick and easy to configure; ergonomics, flexibility, and automation are the key to this new workstation design. 

Phoenix Mecano also revised their tried-and-tested ergonomic workstations for specific tasks to adapt it to increasing health awareness. Changing workpiece sizes, upgrades in production processes, and the requirement for modern LEAN workstations all require individually designed or modifiable workbenches. Phoenix Mecano offers adjustable columns, LED light systems, and advanced Pick2Light technology within their work stations that allows their customers to work SMART.


LEAN workstations are great for reducing the seven forms of waste (overproduction, waiting time, transportation, unnecessary processing, stocks, movement, rejects/reworking) and our team will work in accordance with your concepts and ergonomic principles so that they are adapted to your processes, materials, and personnel. The RK LEAN Solution allows customers to work SMART from start to finish with their customized ergonomic work system; It’s a work system worthwhile.

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