Electric cylinder LZ 70 (Heavy duty cylinder)

Electric cylinder LZ 70 (Heavy duty cylinder)

The LZ 70 electric cylinders impress with a duty cycle of 100% and excellent dynamics. Optionally equipped with a ball screw or ACME screw, they are thus equally suitable for simple adjustment tasks and high-precision positioning.

The PowerLine version LZ 70 PL handles high compressive/tensile forces of up to 5,000 N with a top speed of 13 mm/s. The FastLine version LZ 70 FL moves lighter loads at up to 1,000 mm/s.

Max. travel 1005 mm • Freely selectable drives
Max. compressive force 5000 N • Service life of up to 5 million double strokes
Max. tensile force 5000 N • Integrated absolute position transducer (optional)
Max. travel speed 1000 mm/s • Push rod with rotation locking
Protection rating IP 54 | IP 65

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