Electric cylinder LZ 80 (Heavy duty cylinder)

Electric cylinder LZ 80 (Heavy duty cylinder)

The powerful LZ80 electric cylinder impresses with high tensile and compressive forces of up to 5,000 or 10,000 newtons. With the integrated DC motor in the 5,000 newton version, a speed of up to 13 millimeters per second can be achieved. Due to its compact design, this industrial all-rounder also has a protection rating of IP 54 or optionally IP 65. The comprehensive range of accessories also makes it possible to adapt ideally to your requirements.


Max. travel 1005 mm • Integrated sensors for external magnetic switches
Max. compressive force 10000 N • Push rod with rotation locking
Max. tensile force 10000 N
Max. travel speed 13 mm/s
Protection rating IP 54 | IP 65


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