Custom Build-A-Box® 0701, 0702


For use in audio or telecommunications where small instrumentation is required to be housed inside a lightweight metal enclosure, our 0701 and 0702 Custom Build-A-Box® profiles are great options. Available in heavy-duty extruded aluminum, these compact units are rugged and reliable. Featuring integrated slots for PC boards or euro cards, these enclosures also come with the option to purchase solid plate lids for more guarded and secure protection. The 0701 and 0702 profiles are sold by the meter length and can be custom cut to meet the exact requirements of your application. We also provide any addition customization options like machining, painting, anodizing, and silk-screening.

Custom Build-A-Box® 0701

Custom Build-A-Box® 0702

Product Features
  • Aluminum electronic enclosure for telecommunication and measurement control technology.
  • Value-added services available- profile cutting, machining, painting, powder coating, screen-printing, assembly.
  • Wall Mount fins integrated into sides.
  • Different lid versions depending on enclosure type.
  • Integrated guide grooves for PCBs
Technical data

Stainless steel 1.25 mm or 1.5 mm; 14301/304 - other material on request

Ingress protection

IP 66


grinded, grain 240 - other surface on request

Temperature range

-40°F to +176°F - other temperature ranges on request

Other versions on request


Product range
Type Order Number Dimensions PDF Drawing STEP Datasheet
0701 0701010117 105 x 175 x 45
0702 0702010117 105 x 175 x 69

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