Whether it’s gasket, hardware, or component installation, cutting extrusions or linear assembly and modification, we provide faster results, more consistent quality, and 100% satisfaction with your order.

Let us handle your general assembly, including:

  • Assembly of cable glands, terminals, mounting plates, DIN rails, connectors, and any electrical / electronic components
  • Procurement and assembly of threaded inserts or studs, hardware, and RFI/EMC conductive seals
  • Procurement and assembly of membrane keypads and decorative foils
  • Using standard system components, we can put together a complete system based on your specifications. When needed, we can also mount and test any additional components you provide, and even perform electrical tests on assembled components.

Let us take your project from concept to completion.

Fitting Membrane Keypads

We design and manufacture membrane keypads and front membranes exactly to your requirements – if necessary, integrated into supporting plates or pre-mounted on our enclosures. By utilizing copper-laminated membranes or applying conductor strips using silkscreen printing, we ensure every order meets our high standards for quality.


We offer a complete range of processing and assembly services. Our customers benefit from fast delivery times, a simplified ordering process, and greatly reduced risk of faulty products.

Panel Production

Although larger quantities generally mean lower manufacturing costs (on a panel production basis), when producing large numbers of panels, tooling costs sometimes increase. To determine the most cost-efficient solution for you, please contact our customer service team at 301-696-9411 with the details of your application.

Applying Adhesive to Display Screens

Our handheld enclosure product lines are available with a membrane area or an optional display screen. Display screens typically ship unassembled but we can pre-fit display screens when needed, which reduces your risk of assembly errors and unexpected costs. We can also print display screens according to your instructions before gluing.

Components Rack Assembly

Utilizing our extensive catalog of standard system components, we can design, manufacture, and assemble a complete system that perfectly meets all of the requirements for your application.

Assembly of Components Rack Systems

In addition to assembling the components racks on your behalf, we can also turn your components rack into a complete system. Throughout the process, our skilled workers ensure that quality remains consistently high and the final product meets your exact specifications.

Assembled components can also be subjected to electrical tests when required.

For customer service, please call 301-696-9411 or for technical assistance, please call 301-228-3308.

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