Tefelen To Exhibit At Electric Expo in King of Prussia, PA

Tefelen – maker of special low voltage and medium voltage cast resin insulated bus bar systems – will be exhibiting at its first trade show in October at Electric Expo 2017 in King of Prussia, PA (just outside of Philadelphia, PA) on October 25th and 26th. Some highlights about the Expo:

• There were over 3,000 attendees in 2016
• Attendees include: Architects, Building Owners and Managers, Electrical Engineers, Electrical Contractors, Distributors, Air Conditioning and Heating Contractors, Utilities, Facility and Plant Engineers, Purchasing Agents, Lighting Specifiers, OEMs, Transportation Managers and Electrical Inspectors
• Exhibitors include: Manufacturers and Service Providers for the Commercial, Industrial, Institutional, Government, Transportation and Residential Electrical Communities
• Sponsored by: The Electrical Association of Philadelphia, www.eap.org

The Tefelen booth’s life-size sample rig will arrive in a few weeks. This will be essential in showing potential customers what the Tefelen products look like, firsthand.
Tefelen = Technology for Electrical Energy
Tefelen is the first American company providing low voltage and medium voltage cast resin insulated busbar systems. Together with its strong partner Phoenix Mecano, an international stock-listed technology company, Tefelen is working to establish and strengthen the application of cast resin insulated busbar systems throughout the American market.
Being a member of Tefelen Group we will use the knowledge, competence and longstanding experience of its partner companies. Tefelen Group is pooling the capacity of Tefelen, Tefelen Preissinger GmbH (Germany) and RTC-ELECTRO-M (Russia) to be the most dominant supplier of low and medium voltage cast resin Busbar systems worldwide.
To achieve our goal of a greater market share we want to build long term relationships with our customers based on outstanding products, quality and service. To help with this we are designing and building our own new production facility here in the USA.

The range of products offered:

Technical Specifications

Nominal Voltage up to 1.2  KV up to 2 KV
Nominal Current up to 6,500 Amps (Single bar)

up to 12,000 Amps (Double bar)

up to 14,000 A

Medium Voltage systems

Nominal Voltage up to 36  KV up to 60 KV
Nominal Current up to 6,500 Amps (Single bar)

up to 12,000 Amps (Double bar)

up to 14,000 A


Low Voltage systems

Nominal Voltage up to 1  KV up to 1.5 KV
Nominal Current up to 7,500 A up to 10,000 A

Medium Voltage systems

Nominal Voltage up to 24  KV up to 33 KV
Nominal Current up to 12,000 A up to 18,000 A

The advantages of cast resin insulated busbars:

• compact size
• small bending radius of busbar sections
• simple installation (minimal maintenance)
• operation period over 40 years
• high mechanical strength of insulation
• touch-safe
• electromagnetic compatibility
• high fire-safety
• high resistance to short-circuit currents
• high overload capabilities
• protection class up to IP68 inclusive
• possibility to install in seismically hazardous areas
• low electrical losses
• condensate-free
• naturally-cooled
• connection to any electrical equipment

In our opinion, as the state-of-the-art product, cast resin insulated busbars implement the safest, most compact and most reliable connections for low voltage and medium voltage electrical equipment installations. Our systems avoid any future maintenance and repair costs for 40 plus years. If properly installed, our cast resin insulated busbars ensure the most fail-safe production and distribution of electric energy.

Tefelen is continuously making progress in consort with the current market development tendencies and plans to become the “America busbar center” of the future, where any customer would be able to get the full scope of qualified assistance, technical consultation and select the most optimal busbar for their specific electrical applications.

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