Tefelen To Open New Bus Pipe Plant at Phoenix Mecano Facility

TEFELEN, a Phoenix Mecano partner company, is the first manufacturer in the United States to design, manufacture and distribute resin insulated busbar and bus pipe for electrical distribution systems. This new and innovative product is designed to replace traditional electrical cabling systems. It offers not only a wide variety of cost, weight, and space-saving benefits, but it is also more efficient and requires less maintenance than the current US electrical cabling systems. There is no other company in the United States that manufactures a product of this caliber.

Partnering with Phoenix Mecano, TEFELEN is working to establish and strengthen the application of resin busbar and bus pipe systems throughout the American market. The company proudly serves a span of industries, including (but not limited to) civil engineering, production enterprises, offshore, renewables, power plants, substations, shipyards and shipbuilders. Tefelen will be operating out of a new, 100,000 square-foot plant within Phoenix Mecano’s main facility and will be fully up and running by late summer of this year.

One of the key features of the plant will be the new, industrial oven. This is something completely new in the U.S. market! The oven measures 30 feet long by 9 feet high by 9 feet wide. This will be used to cure/bake the busbar elements. The large size of the oven allows TEFELEN to make pieces up to 30 feet long and with various 3D dimensional bend types. The elements cure in the oven for no less than 5 days straight without interruption, at temperatures between 250-300 degrees fahrenheit.

TEFELEN hopes to have first sample elements fully produced by the end of July 2018. These elements will be transported to Florida State University where they will be presented to the United States Navy for use on all Navy ships. This bus pipe could potentially replace several current cabling systems, and the onboard real estate on US Navy ships would increase by by 43%, cost 31% less and have 57% less weight compared to the Navy’s current US cabling system. The product’s tight bend radii and modular installation methods provide sizeable benefits over current cable systems.

The Navy has been researching a bus pipe solution for years, but no system thus far has been able to meet the stringent government requirements to make this happen. TEFELEN and Phoenix Mecano are excited to complete the plant’s development and are looking forward to full production in the coming months. Stay tuned for more updates on TEFELEN’s progress!

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