rk frameworks clamping profiles & extrusion lines:

The Situation

RK Automation Solutions was chosen as a supplier to "http://www.axccellus.com/" Axccellus LLC, a provider of engineered solutions for small to mid-sized OEM’s and large end users for machine and motion control integration, OEM contract machine building, custom machine guarding, machine programming, and sub-assembly production. RK Automation Solutions was selected due to their ability to provide high-quality, competitively priced, aluminum extruded Machine Perimeter Guarding Components. Equally important to Axccellus was RK’s application engineering and design support and rapid lead times. Through this partnership, RK Automation Solutions would work with Axccellus and their customers on the design, build, and installation of custom machine guarding systems.


The Challenge
Axccellus was looking for products to be used in a 3-phase project for one of their customers. This project involved designing and building perimeter guarding systems to be used in high-pressure valve and pump component testing stations and lathe work areas.
Each phase involved multiple unique machines or test stations which required customizations, local engineering design support, and full fabrication and assembly support. Additionally, the systems needed to be assembled in Axccellus’ facility to ensure that fit and functions fully met their end customer’s specifications.


The Solution
The RK Frameworks system is a unique and versatile product line for Axccellus’ project. The RK connecting elements require no drilling or machining of the T-Slotted aluminum extrusions and allow for easy assembly, disassembly, and reconfiguring.

The project began in mid-2014, and currently, Axccellus is working phase two. The project is expected to extend over the next two to five years. 



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