Headquartered in Maryland, Phoenix Mecano is the North American sales and value-added manufacturer of the Swiss-based holding company Phoenix Mecano Group.
As an enclosure manufacturer, through our Rose Industrial Enclosures, Bopla Electronic Enclosures, and RK Rose+Krieger product lines, we’ve been protecting and moving the world’s innovations for over 30 years.

From machining to screen printing to milling, anodizing, and much more, Phoenix Mecano has the capabilities that fit your specific needs and can quickly get the job finished — every time. With our extensive technical understanding and expertise in both our East & West coast facilities, you don’t have to worry about unexpected problems or delays in getting your custom solution.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be the innovative supplier of choice; utilizing our unmatched technical expertise, quality products, and streamlined processes to help engineers and designers find faster and more efficient solutions...

Our Brands