Build-A-Box® Custom Enclosures

Quick and Rugged Housing For Today’s Engineers

Our Build-A-Box® Custom Enclosures from Rose Industrial Enclosures is a series of extrusions that can be cut to any length from stock extrusions, and assembled with dust or watertight lids as required. For today’s engineers, this system offers quick and rugged housing. Originally designed to house standard VME Bus and Euro Cards in our off-the-shelf pre-packaged models, the extrusions and lids in the Build-A-Box® program offer engineers far greater design possibilities.

Key Features

  • Allows you to decide size of enclosure based on applications
  • Choose profile you wish to use before considering all options to complete project: length of box, type of lid, finish and secondary services, accessories, or placement of PC Boards
  • Allows for printed circuit boards to be inserted along integrated guide rails
  • Profiles can be configured in two types of design: dust-tight enclosures with IP 40 protection using sheet metal lids without a gasket and Watertight enclosures with IP 65 protection
  • Die-cast aluminum lids with gasket
  • Profiles available in eight sizes
  • Finishing, painting, and other secondary services sold by the box



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