Although we manufacture standard enclosures, we are fully equipped to handle machining services such as tight-tolerance milling, drilling, and tapping. You can expect faster lead times, better quality control, and guaranteed protection of your intellectual property and confidential information.

Let us take your project from concept to completion.



  • Plastics, aluminum, fiberglass, steel
  • 5-Axis CNC for milling, drilling, and tapping.  Standard positional tolerances up to ±.005”
  • 3-Axis gantry CNC for machining plates and sheets.


  • Steel, aluminum, plastic
  • Can handle 6m lengths of material. Tolerances of ±.010” (.25mm)
  • Table saw for plates and sheets.

Milling, Drilling, & Tapping

  • Our CNC processing center enables us to carry out difficult machining work to tight tolerances. From a nominal dimension (both size and location) our CNC equipment tolerance is ±0.005”. We are capable of holding ±0.002″ with high process capability on dimensions of size (hole diameter). We can hold -0.000/+0.003″ for press fit PEM studs, with appropriate increase in inspection frequency.
  • Using NPT, metric, or PG taps, we can tap, roll tap, or cut tap, depending on your application. We can also thread mill to any required thread form, including buttress type and various dryseal series.


We save you time, money, and worry by assuming responsibility from design to delivery; ensuring every enclosure meets critical quality standards

  • Unsurpassed workmanship and a wide range of specialized services
  • Speed, accuracy, and precision
  • An experienced and knowledgeable team
  • Phoenix Mecano is the only supplier of Build-A-Box®, our custom-sized aluminum extrusions enclosures, which can be cut to any length up to 1 meter
  • High-quality machines

Our highly qualified employees carry out processing for you on modern CNC machines and equipment. This ensures consistent high-quality work. In addition, the overall solution, consisting of the enclosure and customer-specific processing, results in faster delivery times while reducing the risk of both rejects and unexpected transport costs.

For customer service, please call 301-696-9411 or for technical assistance, please call 301-228-3308.

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