All enclosures with screw-on covers include the required screws. If you need additional enclosure screws, contact customer service. The internal PCB mounting boss screws are sold separately and are listed on each product’s page.

Stock part numbers are our regular catalog of products easily searched on our website. Stock parts are off-the-shelf enclosures available for purchase.

Custom part numbers are off-the-shelf enclosures that we modified specifically for you, so these part numbers are unique and not found within our regular catalog. You can find your custom part numbers on your packing list or invoice from a previous order or give our sales and support team a call at 301-696-9411 – dial 5.

Yes. Phoenix Mecano sells PCB mounting boss screws for all enclosures with internal bosses. The correct PCB screws are listed on the product pages.

Ratings & Compliance

Yes, our parts have been RoHS Compliant since February 2006. RoHS certifications can be found for each product division below:

BOPLA RoHS Certification

ROSE RoHS Certification

RK Rose+Krieger RoHS Certification

Please refer to our REACH statements for each product division below:

BOPLA Reach Statement

ROSE Reach Statement

RK Rose+Krieger Statement

Please see NEMA ratings chart here. UL & NEMA Ratings are based on independent lab testing by UL and/or information available from the manufacturer.

Yes. For a full list of certifications, please refer to our Certificates page.


All returns must be accompanied by an RMA. Contact our sales and support team at 301-696-9411 (dial 5) or [email protected] for an RMA number. Invoice, packing slip, or customer PO number must be provided. Product must be returned within 30 days of RMA being issued.

All returns due to customer error must be returned within 30 days from the date of invoice. Returned product must be in resalable condition and in the original carton.

Off-the-shelf parts returned due to customer error are subject to a minimum 20% restocking fee.

Warranty returns must be made within 90 days from the date of invoice. Defective returns are evaluated on an individual basis.

Parts that have been modified and special order/ non-stock items are not returnable.

Terms and Conditions of Sale

Terms and Conditions of Purchase Order

Customization Overview

Almost all stock enclosures on our website can be customized and quoted online. You can also quote revisions to your existing Phoenix Mecano customized enclosures.

The mounting bosses are built directly into the mold. While we cannot change the mold, we can supply the cases without bosses or machine the bosses out. We offer adhesive standoff’s so you can place your mounting bosses in the exact location you need.

Alternatively, we can machine countersunk holes in the locations that the bosses are needed. You would then fasten stand-offs to the enclosure with countersunk screws in the machine holes. Then your PCB can be screwed to the top side of the stand-offs inside the enclosures.

We do not offer any custom molding or tool building. We sell off-the-shelf enclosures and we cannot change the shape or size of them. However, in some cases we are able to create a custom enclosure to fit certain specifications. For more information please contact [email protected] Additionally, we do offer secondary services to customize your enclosure to fit your needs. We offer CNC machining and digital printing. To learn more about our additional services, visit our customization services page.

Product Support

Our sales and engineering specialists are knowledgeable, experienced, and ready to offer support:

Yes. Phoenix Mecano offers a wide range of enclosure with IP ratings up to IP69K. IP rating can be found on each product’s respective web page.



Yes, please see our video (linked below) for some more information.

Machining Myths

MYTH: Customizing plastic enclosures is easy and straightforward

FACT: Plastic is one of the most difficult materials to machine

Here’s why:

  • Mill speeds melt the plastic
  • Mill feeds create stress cracking
  • Coolants used react poorly to materials, causing stress cracks
  • Customization can alter the enclosure’s IP rating and cause issues with integrity
  • Additional issues include:
    • Cutouts/Hole sizes
    • Thread engagement
    • Sharp edges or burrs caused by torque
  • Yes. We are able to fully assemble most aluminum profile assembly projects. We are able to ship completed and partially completed projects (subject to shipping guidelines) as well.
  • Yes. If we are able to offer a standard product line similar/acceptable to the previous design, we will be able to reverse engineer and produce.
  • A service charge will be added for creating the 3D model/drawings.
  • STEP file format is the preferred format, but we are able to accept .sldprt (Soildworks), .x_t (Parasolid), and .ipt (inventor)
  • PDF file format is acceptable but a service charge will be added if needing to create a 3D model from the PDF file.

Air, which creates a vacuum in the enclosure when it is cooled, can draw in water through the seal and into the enclosure. Phoenix Mecano’s product range includes various pressure compensation elements that compensate for such variations in pressure due to temperature change. Incorporating a pressure compensation element (PCE) will limit the amount of water passed into the enclosure and will satisfy a higher IP rating (IP 66, IP 68, and IP 69).


Our ABS (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene), polycarbonate, stainless steel and aluminum enclosures are all recyclable.

Materials made from fiberglass and acrylic are not typically recycled. It is best to take the material to a hazardous waste facility for proper disposal. Consult with your local solid waste and recycling department for information on proper disposal of fiberglass and acrylic material.

We have a wide variety of components that are installed in our products. Most are aluminum, therefore recyclable. Please contact us for more information of specific product numbers.

Our products typically have a low impact on the environment. Almost all are recyclable. Please contact us for information on a specific products impact.

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