Phoenix Mecano North American Headquarters Frederick Maryland

Phoenix Mecano Inc.


Headquartered in Maryland, Phoenix Mecano is the North American sales and value-added manufacturer of the Swiss-based holding company Phoenix Mecano Group. Through our Rose Industrial Enclosures, Bopla Electronic Enclosures, and RK Rose+Krieger product lines, we’ve been protecting and moving the world’s innovations for over 30 years.



No matter your need, job specifications or unique requests, partnering with Phoenix Mecano means you can always ‘consider it done.’ With our vast engineering expertise, unique customization capabilities and knowledge, we know we’ll find the perfect solution for your application — on time, on budget!


Working with a non-technical partner can be a challenging experience — they might not fully understand the true complexity of what you’re building and the unique specifications and technical requirements that may apply. With Phoenix Mecano, you’ll always work hand-in-hand with our highly knowledgeable customer service team, in-house engineers or product managers, all of whom bring a wealth of skills and expertise to the table.


From machining to screen printing to milling, anodizing and much more, Phoenix Mecano has the capabilities that fit your specific needs and can quickly get the job finished — every time. With our extensive technical understanding and expertise, you don’t have to worry about unexpected problems or delays in getting your custom solution.



Efficiency is at the core of everything we do at Phoenix Mecano. We cultivate a culture that constantly draws on deep engineering expertise and technical knowledge to put us in a frame of mind that sees our customers’ bigger pictures. Whether it’s working with you to develop a new enclosure, directing a phone call, or delivering the next big order, we simplify it and streamline the process so you can get there faster and easier.

We come together as a team in everything we do, constantly evaluating, supporting and refining our services, developing our people, and improving the way in which we help our customers solve their challenges – down to the smallest detail. Our culture is one that’s invested in the idea that it’s not about us – it’s about you and what you’re trying to create. And we know that when we keep it simple and focus on the little things, that means you’re free to focus on the big stuff – like getting your project to finished, fast.



Our mission is to be the supplier of choice; utilizing our unmatched technical expertise, quality products and streamlined processes to help engineers and designers find faster and more efficient solutions to their challenges. Equally important is our commitment to building value for our customers and employees by creating an environment of optimism, collaboration, and resourcefulness.

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