Neha Mahajan Holds Technology in Her Hands at Phoenix Mecano

As the ERP Application Manager at Phoenix Mecano, Neha Mahajan is the glue that holds the company’s Enterprise Resource Planning system together. Neha has been a part of the Phoenix Mecano family for four years, and while her plate is always full, she loves the challenges of her career.

Neha, born and raised in India, is currently a resident of Ashburn, in Loudon County, VA. With a Bachelor’s in Computer Applications and a Master’s in Computer Management, Neha was searching for a company that was a perfect fit for her drive, her knowledge, and her desire to be part of a winning team.

“I worked as a consultant before joining Phoenix Mecano,” Neha explains. “While the job was basically the same, I missed the connection that comes from working with a team and keeping in touch with clients past their initial projects.”

Being the ERP Manager for Phoenix Mecano, Neha balances all the company’s applications and software that tie into the entire ERP system and ensures that all systems are working and in tune with each other. Neha has been working to streamline all technological processes within the company, a job that had been largely outsourced prior to her arrival. “Our tech resources were somewhat limited, meaning that we needed to send the work out. Now, I can keep these processes running in-house,” Neha says.

With 60 locations across six continents, global tech giant Phoenix Mecano Group’s processes aren’t always easy to integrate, but Neha is more than up to the challenge. From order management to inventory, accounting, and customer relationship management, Neha touches every part of the ERP process to ensure integration and functionality. She designs, codes, and implements modifications to streamline Phoenix Mecano’s systems and databases so that all divisions are using the same applications and accessing the same information, wherever they are located.

Neha credits her career at Phoenix Mecano for broadening her perspective, giving her the opportunity to work with others in a team setting, and keeping her challenged. “Prior to this, I was more of an individual contributor. I love the added responsibilities that come with management. I enjoy communicating across all departments and providing the support they need to keep running smoothly,” Neha explained. “I didn’t really have a sense of personal satisfaction with consulting. Now I’m a tech manager and a project manager. I enjoy the challenges of my job at Phoenix Mecano, and I love to own my projects and responsibilities completely from beginning to end.”

Neha sees the future of Phoenix Mecano’s ERP systems as one of automation. “Right now, users are spending too much time doing things manually, like analysis, reports, and ordering.” she notes. “Less manual work means more productivity for our teams. I want to eliminate the manual side of things and help this company go paperless. I see a future where our teams are happy users, with everything seamlessly integrated and free-flowing.”

Neha loves working with her Phoenix Mecano family. “My teams are supportive, and they understand priorities and get things done within tight timelines,” she says. “They keep me on my toes because they are curious and always keen to research and learn more. They want to do more than just their jobs; they want to understand and learn. It’s a challenge that encourages me to learn more, too.”

The work culture of Phoenix Mecano is a perfect fit for Neha. “I have worked for different companies, and this company is really different,” she explains. “I love that people here are kind. I also love that management is understanding, and they listen. That’s amazing to me. Management doesn’t just ‘hear’ employees, they listen and understand.”

Neha encourages job seekers to apply at Phoenix Mecano. “This is a great place to be,” she says. “There are lots of opportunities to learn and grow. You have the freedom to make your own way and explore new things.”

As a mother of two young sons, ages ten and five, Neha spends her free time with her family. She’s also a huge travel buff, vacationing all over the globe. “So far, my favorite places to visit have been Mexico and Europe,” Neha said. “My dream destination right now is to travel to Greece.”

Neha brings a little of each locale’s culture back with her, experimenting with the new cuisines she discovers. “Sometimes, I do great with these experiments. Other times, not so much. But I truly enjoy my adventures in cooking!”

Once Neha joined her Phoenix Mecano family, there was no looking back. “I was looking for a career that provided me with permanence and stability. I’m always learning and wanted to be a part of something larger and more challenging. As a global company, Phoenix Mecano gives me the opportunity to be a part of something big with plenty of opportunities to stay challenged and learn new things.”

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