Phoenix Mecano Impresses at MODEX 2020

Phoenix Mecano has been busy showing off our ergonomic workstations lately, and the MODEX 2020 trade show was our latest venue. From March 9–12, a talented and friendly Phoenix Mecano team treated booth visitors to a demonstration of our RK In Motion technology. Companies are always in search of ways to improve processes and working conditions for employees, so this was a great chance for them to see what we could do to help them shorten production times and increase efficiency.

When the show started, the trade show was buzzing with eager vendors and guests alike, and everyone had workflow and efficiency in the front of their mind. So what was so attention-grabbing about our booth? Guests got to interact with an adjustable ergonomic workstation configured with Phoenix Mecano’s exclusive Pick 2 Light automated technology! From height adjustments to footrests and standing chairs, we offered the experience of using the technology to show that we can back up our claims of efficient, cost-cutting equipment. Guests were impressed with the station’s overall look and feel; when visitors tested the equipment, they were blown away by the quality and unique extras found such as the adjustable LED flex light that illuminated the work area, the programmable memory feature for the workstation’s lifting columns, and the overall flexibility of the entire build of this station. Because our workstations are constructed using our RK Rose+Krieger aluminum profile, users can configure or modify our workstations without having to machine anything. Guests gathered to watch and learn how our Setago Pick 2 Light system could be used within their supply chain to automate their picking process and save time and money by eliminating errors and wasted travel time.

The overall feedback following the MODEX 2020 trade show was promising and our team could not be more excited to continue our discussions with our audience about how Phoenix Mecano can turn their idea into a reality, from concept to completion.

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