The special feature of this hand-held enclosure series is its high level of flexibility

Product Highlights

The top and bottom sides have different designs and can be used alternatively as an operating and display surface. Snap-on caps which can function as an enclosure cover are available in 6 colors and 1 infrared-permissive version. With sizes 555, 655 and 865, definable access protection can be achieved by use of the caps: tool opening, push-button, or blocking. All sizes are available with a continuous membrane keypad area; 4 sizes additionally with display opening including a non-scratch window. Up to 3 installation levels are available in the enclosure for PCBs or mounting panels. On the cap sides a plug-in groove is provided for front or mounting panels. For example, this makes it possible to use adapter connectors with protection class IP 65 during field use. The power supply to the electronics is variable according to the size: 2-4 micro batteries, 2-6 mignon batteries and 1-2 9V block batteries. Versions with fitted battery compartments BE 30 (9V block or 2x mignon batteries) or BE 60 (2x 9V block or 4x mignon batteries) are available on request for sizes 555, 655 and 865. Various accessories such as tip-up or other clips, wall fitting and a desktop drawer are available.
  • 6 sizes
  • End caps in six colors
  • Caps made of infrared-permissible material
  • Various battery compartments
  • Definable access protection
  • Versions with display cut-out or continuous membrane keypad area
  • Comprehensive range of accessories

Product Applications

Product Specs

  • Agate grey, similar to RAL 7038; special colors on request.
Protection Class
  • IP 40/DIN EN 60529; ART 225 to 865: use seal set to upgrade to IP 65/DIN EN 60529
Enclosure Material
  • Enclosure and caps made of ABS, seal made of TPE; for details see Technical Information

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