Commander KSSC by Rose

The Commander KSSC is based on the tried and proven KSS stainless-steel enclosure. In addition, this stainless-steel control enclosure also features a reinforcement plate and a coupling hole to permit fitting of the GTH supporting-arm system. The door is equipped with a double ward lock which permits rapid access to the enclosure.

The 1.4301 / 304 stainless steel used assures high material quality and, together with the 240 grain polished surface, good overall enclosure quality. A broad range of applications is assured for the Commander KSSC by its operating temperature range (-40°C to +80°C), its IP 65 degree of protection, and its optional EMC screening.

The KSSC control enclosure is available in seven different sizes, from 200 x 300 x 155 mm to 600 x 760 x 210 mm. Special sizes are available for orders of twenty-five enclosures or more.

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