Polyester flange Ex by Rose

These polyester flange enclosures are available in three sizes, 170 x 270 x 135 mm, 270 x 270 x 135 mm and 270 x 540 x 135 mm, with approved extensions, either as Ex e or Ex ia enclosures, or as component-certified empty enclosures.

The flanges included in the scope of supply can be easily removed from and reinstalled in the enclosure body by means of a quick-release fastener to permit individual machining. Two or more enclosures can be connected using a connecting flange to permit system expansions.

The enclosure body consists of glass-fibre-reinforced polyester with a graphite additive. The lid and the base both include blind flanges, tethered lid screws and 90° quick-release fastener. Ex enclosures can be combined by means of a connecting flange. An offshore variant for equipping with cable glands for armoured cables is also available on request.

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