Profile Systems (Blocan) by RK Rose+Krieger

BLOCAN® aluminum profile systems – the assembly system without machining

The industrial aluminum profile system is the result of years of application experience and is characterized by extraordinary flexibility and proven reliability.

The range includes construction profiles, functional profiles and heavy-duty profiles. The options for combination and use of the flexible BLOCAN® modular profile system are almost unlimited. Special RK connecting technology makes it possible to install profiles without prior mechanical processing, and thus saves preparation and installation time.
BLOCAN aluminum profile system – combining profiles without mechanical processing!

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No need for drill holes … these are held together without! Simply cut the aluminum profiles to length and assemble them!

That’s what this unique range of construction profiles was designed for. Clever connection elements free you from machines and equipment. The profiles are cut to length and assembled. And more than 100 different profile sizes and cross-sections can be easily assembled using this connection method.

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