SL 3000 by Rose

SL 3000 – the robust enclosure

The SL 3000, thanks to the use of double-shell aluminium profiles, is a particularly robust control enclosure.

Four profile depths, of 70 mm, 125 mm, 170 mm and 220 mm, are available and can be combined with each other. This makes it possible to configure the SL 3000 highly individually to conform to customers’ wishes, including the fitting of doors which open to the front or to the back, for example.

The use of double-shell profiles and the facility for combination of the profiles with each other makes possible the creation of especially large control enclosures up to a maximum of 1,500 mm x 1,500 mm x 675 mm in Degree of Protection IP 65.

Displays, control systems, buttons and membrane keypads can be installed via the front panel.
The SL 3000 also permits direct accommodation of control systems, omitting the front panel.

In addition, the side profiles and the rear panel can also be used for the installation of additional components, such as interface inserts, for example.

For the SL 3000, ROSE also provides an individual preparation service, extending from machining, equipping in acc. with the customer’s specifications, up to and including a customised paint finish.


  • Industrial control units and PCs

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