DIBLZ AK 30x5/IM3/10 Screws (SHR) and distance bolts (DIBLZ) for mounting bosses in plastic enclosures

Screws (SHR) and distance bolts (DIBLZ) for mounting bosses in plastic enclosures

DIBLZ AK 30x5/IM3/10

Order No: 59006986
Manufacturer No: 59006986
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Color of enclosure group

Enclosure Material

ABS, PC; seal: CR; UL 94 V0 types on request;

CR or PU seal, foamed

for details see Technical Information.

Scope of delivery

1 piece


Explanation of the table: SD = screw diameter; ND = boss internal diameter; KD = screw head diameter. All dimensions in mm.

In most BOPLA plastic enclosures, mounting bosses without threaded bushings are provided as mounting points. Screws with a self-tapping thread must be selected accordingly. When selecting screws, note the details of the boss internal diameters (see drawings on internet) and the drilling depth. The tightening torques for plastic depend on screw-in depth, screw-in speed, accuracy of torque switch-off of the power screwdriver, etc., so it is not possible to provide general data about the tightening torques.


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To compensate for pressure when temperatures change and cause moisture in the enclosure, we we recommend that you use a pressure compensation element.
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