Akash Anbarasu: Helping Increase Productivity

Meet Akash Anbarasu, an exceptional intern at Phoenix Mecano. This graduate student from Texas A&M University, who anticipates receiving his Master’s Degree next May, is currently working as a manufacturing engineer in the company’s engineering department. Here, he collaborates with multiple team members including those responsible for quality and design, as well as fellow manufacturing and systems engineers. 

On a typical day, Akash diligently reviews production orders and supports the manufacturing engineers to address any pending tasks or operator concerns. He enjoys optimizing processes so projects run smoothly. During his time with Phoenix Mecano, he has been hard at work creating visual guidebooks, complete with step-by-step instructions. This helps operators be more efficient and understand more clearly how to complete the work.

Before arriving at Phoenix Mecano, he had an internship where he was an engineer at an aluminum die-casting company crafting parts for the automotive industry. With a bachelor’s degree in aeronautical engineering, his passion for the manufacturing industry makes him an excellent fit for this field.

Akash is taking full advantage of his time at Phoenix Mecano, where he’s constantly learning about various aspects of the business, including design, manufacturing, purchasing, planning, and production. He values education and appreciates how this hands-on experience allows him to effectively apply what he has learned from his studies and gain practical insights that will benefit him in his future career.

Even though he has faced challenges during this internship, Akash is grateful for the unwavering support of his supervisor Rebekah Collogan, who helps him navigate tight schedules and deadlines with an organized work approach and effective communication with operators. Akash also credits much of his growth to Hau Pau the manufacturing engineer, who has been giving him valuable advice. Working together has proven instrumental in overcoming difficulties and achieving success in various projects and tasks.

In his spare time, Akash finds joy in music and customizing motorcycles. While some might consider him shy, he treasures the strong bond he shares with his close-knit group of friends, whom he considers his chosen family. While his sister lives in Boston and his parents are in India, he has a supportive community of co-workers and friends.

For future interns at Phoenix Mecano, Akash offers some valuable advice: “Be yourself, be very kind to everyone, and you can learn a lot.” With his interest in solving problems, efficiency, and increasing productivity, Akash Anbarasu is accomplishing great things at Phoenix Mecano. His time with the company and his achievements can be a spark of inspiration for aspiring engineers, demonstrating how hard work, a commitment to learning new skills, and a dedication to growth and innovation can propel one to reach their goals.

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