Rising Star: Ethan VanHorn’s Internship

In the competitive world of business, internships offer invaluable opportunities for students to get hands-on work experience to help shape their careers. Among these bright young professionals is Ethan Vanhorn, a dynamic supply chain specialist intern at Phoenix Mecano

A promising student from West Virginia University’s class of 2024, Ethan Vanhorn is a global supply chain management and marketing major who enjoys mountain biking and detailing cars in his spare time. At the office, he consistently demonstrates his passion for the intricate workings of the business world, especially with regard to product supply and demand issues.

As an intern at Phoenix Mecano, Ethan is fully embracing a multifaceted role allowing him to contribute to various aspects of the company’s operations. In a recent interview, he expressed how no two days are the same because of the variety of different projects he’s working on. One project he said that he’s especially pleased to have worked on involved using scanners to create labels for channel sales partners. Through this position, Ethan has enjoyed gaining firsthand experience in supply chain management on a global scale. 

At Phoenix Mecano, Ethan has had the privilege of working alongside engineers and experienced industry professionals who have become mentor figures to him. His manager Chris Howes stood out as a person who gave valuable feedback that helped him to improve in his role. The supportive work environment where everyone is friendly, knowledgeable, and always willing to answer any questions, has allowed him to learn new information while expanding his own skillset. By collaborating with industry experts, Ethan has also gained valuable insights into working in the field of large-scale supply chain management, setting the stage for a bright future.

Ethan expressed how pleased he was working for Phoenix Mecano where there is a supportive work environment. He encouraged other students thinking about interning to apply, saying, “It’s a great company, and they will help you in the future with any questions you have.” 

Ethan VanHorn’s internship at Phoenix Mecano has ignited his passion for a career where he can be challenged and inspired. He’ll use his experience to help advance innovation within the global supply chain and create business solutions. After graduating from college next year, he would like to either pursue a career at Phoenix Mecano or possibly work at a port managing larger global transportation concerns. Whichever path he takes, Ethan is now poised to make significant strides in contributing to the industry using what he learned at Phoenix Mecano.

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