BoCube Watertight Electronic Enclosures

Keeping Bioacoustics Technology Safe & Sound

The Challenge

One of our customers specializes in electronic technology across multiple vertical channels. Having already engaged Phoenix Mecano for the successful design of a previous medical handheld device, our customer returned with a new need — a watertight enclosure that could protect its bioacoustics electronic technology and would be able to withstand lengthy exposure to the outdoors. They also wanted a cost-effective product for their end customer’s product line. Furthermore, because the legacy product was high-end scientific instrumentation, the customer needed a new, low-cost option for commercial and educational markets that required no certification.

The Solution

In a concept meeting with engineers and the end customer, we identified the unique specifications required and special requests, which included a flat exterior finish. We presented them with our Bocube enclosure, allowing them to get up close and personal with the product. With its IP67 rating, appealing aesthetic and color, and wide range of in-house, value-added customization options available, Bocube appeared to be an ideal solution.

The Result

The final product is designed for biologists in need of a lightweight, long-lasting, zero-crossing bioacoustics recorder. It’s weatherproof, energy-conscious, and affordable.

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