Product Review with ABB Power Protection

The Challenge

An ABB Power Protection facility, located in Richmond, Virginia, came to Phoenix Mecano requesting products already in use at ABB headquarters, located in Turgi, Switzerland. ABB headquarters consistently utilizes our Rose & Krieger product solutions within their manufacturing facility and suggested that the Virginia facility should acquire the same Rose & Krieger products.

The Solution

After reviewing previous purchases from ABB’s Switzerland account, our team decided to provide Virginia’s ABB facility with the same innovative products to better unify their manufacturing processes.

The Results

The customer purchased Tempe Carts, ESD Tables, Door Carts, and Converter Transport Carts. After some time, a Phoenix Mecano Account Manager spoke with Alejandro Jaul, a Mechanical Engineer with ABB, to follow up. Jaul stated, “We love the design, the quality of the product and the fast response time when it comes to customer support.”

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