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Phoenix Mecano’s RK Rose+Krieger (RK) division provides optimal speed, technical perfection, and excellent engineering to get your job done – from concept to completion. RK features an unrivalled range of products in the field of linear, profile assembly, connecting and modular technology.

From linear units with spindle, timing belt, and rack-and-pinion drives – to hydraulic lifting columns allowing easy height adjustment, RK has the components and system solutions to satisfy any demand. The RK aluminum profile system reduces assembly work time, and the range of ergonomic workstation systems increase productivity and reduce physical strain. RK’s clever connection elements free you from machines and equipment, as the profiles are already cut to length and assembled!

Read what Philip Brown, President/CEO of Phoenix Mecano, has to offer about RK’s product potential, “While RK has had strong, diverse products here in America for the last 30 years, there has been an increasing requirement for immediate design application engineering support. There is a very high upside potential for RK when we listen to the market. We have invested in this heavily and continue to, specifically in our Frederick, Maryland and Ontario, California offices. With our constant training of young talented engineers, coupled with our optimal design application and support, I believe RK is on the fast track to even bigger success.

This latest video featuring our RK Rose+Krieger product line, is a good insight to our business mission. It shows that the conceptualization of applications is incredibly diverse, and how tuned in to the customer vision our team is. Because our customers have a broad range of needs, our engineers are constantly working to support the application vision of the end user. I think the video portrays that really well.”

Phoenix Mecano’s engineers bring extensive knowledge and experience in developing customized frameworks products for an array of challenges. Check out our new video to learn how RK produces these highly customized solutions to help solve any problem in 24 hours or less!

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