Find Creativity, Precision, and Speed in our RK Rose + Krieger Framework System

The RK Rose + Krieger Frameworks system has built their reputation based on flexibility, durability, and design. We manufacture an extensive line of mechanical components in aluminum for assembly, automation, and production environments that consist of a variety of extruded aluminum profiles and hidden hardware connectors. The easy-to-assemble RK Frameworks system is ideal for building workstations, machine guards, industrial frames, and production lines.

Since RK Frameworks’ systems are held together with our unique connectors, there is no need for drilling holes. RK Rose + Krieger’s “off-the-shelf” connection elements allow for easy assembly. They offer design flexibility along with quick setup times when building custom assemblies. This permits fast and easy assembly of permanent and semi-permanent structures without costly welding or machining.

What makes our work truly distinctive is our nimble team and just how fast we deliver – our people and processes are truly unique to the industry. We have a dynamic support staff in our facilities in Maryland and California that field orders with superior precision and turnaround time, providing our design engineers exactly what they need. Our design team provides the perfect solution with creativity, precision, and speed.

From concept to completion, the RK Rose + Krieger Frameworks system is an easy to assemble and complete solution for your custom assembly requirements. Excellence in automation requires an expert engineering and design team – that’s the team we’ve built at Phoenix Mecano.

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