William Green

Production Manager and Health & Safety Officer

William Green joined the Phoenix Mecano team in early 2019 as Planning Manager. After only a few months at Phoenix Mecano he added the responsibility of Production Manager, and later Health and Safety Officer. He holds a Bachelor of Business Administration in Business Economics from Boise State University. He brings 2 decades of experience in manufacturing, planning, and operations across multiple industries including fiberglass composites, automotive, semiconductors, and sensors. William and his team play a critical role in orchestrating the entire production process. From planning to finished goods, they are continuously analyzing and improving the manufacturing processes.

As manufacturing continues to evolve worldwide, William recognizes that it is important to proactively grow the next generation of production employees. He works to achieve this goal by providing internal training opportunities as well as participating with local workforce development and apprenticeship organizations.

Favorite quote: “A boat’s only great if it goes somewhere” – Perry Hurst

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