FREDERICK, MD – June 24, 2014 – Phoenix Mecano, a leading technology company active in the production of enclosures and industrial components, will be demonstrating its noteworthy Rose Industrial Enclosures and RK Rose+Krieger during the International Manufacturing Technology (IMTS) 2014 conference in Chicago September 8-13. Phoenix Mecano is a global organization that draws on its technical resources to provide proven, high-quality products.

Among the demonstrations, the company will highlight its Rose SL4000 and RK linear technologies such as E-II Linear, EPX II Linear, and Quad EV Linear products. These are ideal for use in any manufacturing environment that requires a highly durable, flexible machine control solution.

“We are looking forward to demonstrating the capabilities and flexible applications of our enclosure and linear enclosure products during the upcoming IMTS conference,” said Mike Franks, Director of Sales and Marketing for RK Rose+Krieger. “As a global organization, we deeply appreciate the show’s importance to the manufacturing industry, and its ability to bring together manufacturers of all avenues further promoting ingenuity, creativity and product development.”

Phoenix Mecano’s Key executives Philip Brown, CEO, and Hartmut Hoffman, managing director of the company’s RK Rose + Krieger Germany brand will also be in attendance and available for customer meetings and interviews at the company’s booth (#5755, East/Lakeside Center). To schedule a meeting, contact [email protected].

IMTS is one of the largest industrial trade shows in the world, featuring 1,900 exhibitors and 100,000 visitors. The event is held every two years in September at McCormick Place, Chicago.

About the featured products: The Phoenix Mecano Rose SL4000 is designed and engineered to provide reliable, durable performance in a multitude of manufacturing environments. Features include:

Five profile mounting depth (from 80-270 mm) availability
Reversible rear door or fixed rear panel
Standard powder coated RAL7035 or anodized aluminum body with RAL9007 corners: custom colors available
Available console /keyboard
Integrated side handles make operational adjustments easy
Requires fewer parts which reduces overall cost
Durable extruded aluminum exterior

The company’s RK Rose+Krieger E-II Linear units 30, 40, 50 and 60 are top performers that feature new die-cast bearing seats pressed and bonded into the stainless steel C-tube under tension. Without any subsequent machining, the C-tube is free from corrosion and bearing play. Features and specifications include:

Corrosion resistant
Second free-running carriage
Unmatched quality vs. price point comparison
Manual & motor driven adjustments supported
Comprehensive range of Accessories
Compatible with all other RK product lines
XY Linear configurations available
The surface won’t tarnish. Long lasting results require no machining.
Offered in 18mm to 80mm sizes
Right, Left, Split spindle design
Stainless steel spindles available
Customized Lengths
Optional Guide/ mounting elements
Bearing covers and Cover clips protect from dust and spray

The latest generation of the Phoenix Mecano RK Rose+Krieger EP(X)-II 40 twin tube units compensates for high bending moments during hand and motor-driven adjustments. Features and specifications include:

Distortion-free installation
Manual force locking spindle clamping optional
Adjustable sleeves made of high performance material
High moment capacity
Version available with large fixing plate
Identical connection sizes as previous version
Split nuts, simple replacement
Longer lifetime due to high performance materials
Optimized lead screw with fixed bearing in end element
Optional corrosion protected units

The RK Rose+Krieger Quad EV Linear is a compact and versatile linear actuator for motor-driven and manual adjustment of medium loads.

Choice of carriages offer a wide range of models supporting optimum integration in existing designs
Adjustable slide guide
Choice of one or two ball-bearing shafts
Screw covered by steel band
Wide range of carriage and fixing elements
Comprehensive range of accessories
Optional second free-running carriage
Longer stroke lengths
A cover strip that protects the drive screw against contamination

About Phoenix Mecano

Headquartered in Frederick, MD, Phoenix Mecano USA is the North American sales and value-added manufacturer of the Swiss-based holding company Phoenix Mecano Group. Through our Rose, Bopla and RK Rose+Krieger product lines, our enclosure and automation solutions have been protecting and moving the world’s innovations for over 30 years.

About Rose Industrial Enclosures and Bopla Electronic Enclosures Rose and Bopla enclosure companies, product divisions of Phoenix Mecano USA, manufacture an extensive line of off-the-shelf enclosures, machine control enclosures, and suspension arm systems. The Rose line is suited for industrial applications and harsh environments in a variety of materials including—cast and extruded aluminum, stainless steel, fiberglass, polyamide, polycarbonate, and ABS. By contrast, Bopla produces a diverse line of modular tabletop, instrumentation, handheld, and wall-mount plastic enclosures designed to meet today’s demands for aesthetic electronic applications.

About RK Rose+Krieger

RK offers a broad range of machine tool components in aluminum and steel for assembly, automation and production environments. RK Frameworks, an easy-to-assemble extruded aluminum construction system, is ideal for building industrial frames, workstations, machine guards and production lines. RK Clamps and Tubes, a diverse line of cast aluminum clamps and tubing in metric/inch sizes, offers fast positioning and repositioning of production line structures. The RK Stairworks system is a technically perfect method for building railings, racks, perimeter fences, scaffolding, stairs and working platforms of all kinds. RK Linears, a full complement of linear positioners, is essential to the machine integration process.

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