Phoenix Mecano Welcomes Adna Silva

Phoenix Mecano is pleased to introduce Adna Silva, a talented marketing intern and graduate student originally from Brazil, who has been working hard in the company’s sales department. Adna, who has been living in the United States for the past four years, is currently pursuing her master’s degree at Hood College while gaining valuable experience at Phoenix Mecano.

In a recent interview, Adna sat down and shared insights into her role at Phoenix Mecano, stating, “I usually work on marketing projects like making collateral and helping support social media, now I’m working with the sales team on a project about automating competitive pricing.”

Adna’s diverse skill set and background in business ownership in Brazil have equipped her with the necessary tools to excel in her marketing internship at Phoenix Mecano. She mentioned, “I’m from Brazil where I had my own business as a baker and had to do all of my own marketing, and I also had to manage everything, including the financing. I had to maintain strategies to get new clients and also keep the ones I already had happy so they would continue to be customers.”

Adna’s passion for engineering and technology shines through her work at Phoenix Mecano. She expressed, “I really enjoy engineering – it has my heart along with technology. I like to work with data analysis, seeing the entire operation being achieved, and I am very curious about learning about a process and then analyzing how I can improve it. 

Her experiences in manufacturing engineering have been transformative. She emphasized, “It was really good to work with people here, and actually everyone is very open to helping.”

In a recent interview, she shared some of the challenges she has faced, saying, “I think the language barrier is obviously one of the biggest challenges. Communication is so important to the role and the department dynamic overall, but if there is ever a misunderstanding I feel as though all of my coworkers have been patient and helpful.” 

Adna also told us, “ I like that I can work on different projects within marketing, as well as also working on projects with the sales team, specifically with CRM. I’m still learning how to use CRM, the sales system, and applying the knowledge that I have. I’m not working on data analysis currently, but I’m collaborating with a team member on automating processes that we work with. I like the flexibility to work on different projects, so I really enjoy it.” She also told us she would tell future interns that they, “have a great opportunity to work in a multinational company with people that are very welcoming, and it’s a really good environment.”

Looking towards the future, Adna wants to work with data analysis and apply more engineering knowledge to make improvements. She told us, “I also plan to become a manager someday, and it’s my goal to lead a department.” She also explained, “I’m grateful for this opportunity that Phoenix Mecano gave me, and I like working with them.”

Phoenix Mecano is proud to have Adna Silva as part of its team and looks forward to her continued growth and success in the field of marketing and engineering. Her dedication, creativity, and passion for innovation make her a valuable asset to the company.

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