Phoenix Mecano Shines Light on International Exchange

Phoenix Mecano is proud to highlight the recent experiences of Johnny Markwart and Hau Pau, who recently participated in an enriching international exchange program. This initiative is designed to create a deeper understanding between employees, with Phoenix Mecano North America and BOPLA.

During an exclusive interview, they shared their perspectives on the benefits of this program, discussing the advantages of being fully immersed in the host company’s daily operations rather than merely visiting for just one day.

The exchange program has allowed these engineers to see the inner workings of each company, demonstrating the significance of being physically present and working on the floor. Hau and Johnny emphasized the value of spending two weeks at their respective host companies, where they were able to actively interact with colleagues and gain hands-on experience.

Hau Pau, a full-time employee at Phoenix Mecano North America, expressed the program’s significance, explaining, “It’s really a big difference to meet in person first and then communicate later. It’s so much easier to work with someone when you’ve spent time together in person.”

Johnny Markwart, a German native who’s employed by BOPLA, recently completed his two-week exchange at Phoenix Mecano in Frederick, MD. He also shared his thoughts, “Being involved in the real processes and issues on the shop floor has been invaluable. I’ve been able to suggest improvements and provide feedback on my experiences here.”

While working at Phoenix Mecano, Johnny created a list of goals for himself. These included visiting various departments with the goal of developing a comprehensive understanding of operations. His hands-on approach made it possible for him to offer valuable suggestions as part of the learning experience.

Meanwhile, when Hau was working at BOPLA, he explored fields that interested him such as CNC machining and screen-printing. He focused on expanding his knowledge and skills within these fields. His time spent in the screen-printing area, combined with programming and operational insights, gave him a chance to develop valuable skills and new perspectives which he brought back to Phoenix Mecano.

Both Johnny and Hau expressed how excited they were to begin implementing what they have learned from the exchange program in their respective roles, with a focus on digitalization and continuous improvement. This exchange gave both the chance to share what they had learned, exchange ideas, and gain a deeper understanding of each other’s work. They both expressed how the personal connections formed will allow smoother communication and collaboration going forward. This exchange program has paved the way for information to continue to be shared along with potential future collaboration between Phoenix Mecano and BOPLA.

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