Phoenix Mecano: Your One-Stop Shop For Custom Enclosures

Designed to house critical components, our IP-rated enclosures provide reliable protection where dirt, dust, and exposure to liquids or harsh corrosives threaten the performance of your investment. At Phoenix Mecano, we are proud to specialize in custom enclosure solutions, extending the life of your electronic devices & protecting your business from costly downtime.

Modified To Meet Your Needs

More than 90% of our enclosure orders are customized, so we’ve become experts at ensuring our customers get the exact product they need – on time, every time – even when that means modifying a standard product or creating a new one. We have a comprehensive range of customization options and one of the most experienced in-house engineering teams at your disposal. So, no matter how complex your requirements or application, you can expect helpful support, shorter lead times, and fewer complications.

From Concept To Completion

Many people believe that they can order a standard enclosure and customize it themselves to fit their specific application needs; however, this isn’t always the case. Customizing an enclosure can cause minor to serious issues, rendering an enclosure defective, and in extreme cases, useless. That is why we provide conceptual drawings and designs to ensure all your requirements are met. From assembly, machining and engraving, to painting, surface treatments and more, we do it all in-house which means fewer suppliers and fewer delays!

Fast, Easy, Reliable

Getting an enclosure solution should be a simple process. That is why no matter what your production volume, our team of enclosure experts will provide conceptual drawings and designs, and ensure all your requirements are met. When you let us customize…

• You have one point of contact for shipping, billing, and other concerns.
• You can be confident that the job will be done right because no one knows our enclosures better than our team.
• You will never need to purchase extra enclosures because your local supplier made an error.

At Phoenix Mecano, we pride ourselves on working closely with our customers to turn their ideas into a reality. Join forces with our skilled engineers to develop an enclosure that meets all your company’s needs! With deep application knowledge and a strong understanding of technical, compliance, and certification requirements, we can deliver a cost-effective solution for even the most complex applications. Don’t wait any longer in converting your pencil sketches into final drawings!

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