Prasaath Ganesan: Working Across Diverse Departments

Phoenix Mecano internships give their mentees valuable on-the-job tactical training and experience. Meanwhile, employees also benefit by learning the latest technology and getting assistance from the brightest students ready to enter the workforce. 

Prasaath Ganesan moved from India to Maryland so he could study for his master’s degree at Hood College in Frederick. With a background in mechanical engineering, he wanted to transition into working in IT. 

Once at Hood, Prasaath really found he appreciated the small feel the school provided. When one of his professors and a school friend both recommended he apply for an IT internship at Phoenix Mecano, he decided to make the leap and submitted an application for the position.

He began his internship in January of this year and is slated to graduate and receive his master’s degree in May. He has already accepted a position to remain at Phoenix Mecano as a full-time employee. 

At Phoenix Mecano, Ganesan especially likes helping our production team to reduce lead times, leading to improved overall production rate. He also enjoys being able to help many different people in multiple departments. Since he has a background in mechanical engineering, he can assist in determining the best methods for solving difficult problems. He finds it easier to understand a question or why a particular person would need the answer to it.

In his role as an ERP intern, Prasaath likes working across multiple teams helping them integrate and optimize their technical capacity. As a full-time employee, he wants to continue working with a wide scope, improving the processes that various teams are already using. He’s looking forward to assisting the team with various software programs.

His excitement doesn’t stop there. Prasaath is anxious to learn more about the engineering and administrational aspects of Phoenix Mecano, and he’s happy to have the chance to balance working with the hardware and software arms of the company. He appreciates that we’re extending this offer to perform in such a diverse capacity, explaining, “I don’t know whether I might get it in some other company, but this is a good one.” 

When he was first applying here, he thought, “Okay, they are a big manufacturing company. So, they don’t do custom machining.” However, he quickly realized the company has a high-level customer-needs approach. “If the customer is asking for only one part, then they actually focus on that, and they do that for the customer.” What they provide is customized based on each customer’s needs. 

Phoenix Mecano’s work culture is another thing that drew Prasaath in. Everyone is friendly, and he appreciates the CEO making in-person visits to connect with the team. He enjoys working in such a supportive environment where he and his coworkers support each other.

Prasaath said some people might find it surprising that he is seemingly very shy at first, but once he gets to know a person, he opens up quite a bit. In fact, one of his favorite activities when he’s away from work and school is to go visit his friends and cook for them.   

When he’s not at work, in the classroom, or cooking, you also might find Prasaath taking walks around downtown Frederick. The city’s atmosphere and friendliness make it a place where he feels very comfortable and happy. 

Wherever he is and whatever situation he finds himself in, Prasaath always wants to help. He’s glad his office is located at the front entrance. With the chance to see everybody, he frequently checks in with all of his coworkers and offers assistance. After all, they’re not just his coworkers. They’re his teammates.

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