Phoenix Mecano: 2 Champions of Manufacturing Awards

Phoenix Mecano is excited and honored to announce that we have received two Champions of Maryland Manufacturing awards, given by RMI of Maryland: The Women in Manufacturing award and the Diversity & Inclusion, Community Engagement, & Workforce award.

The Women in Manufacturing Award is given to companies that consistently provide opportunities to women seeking a career in STEM. The majority of our executive leadership team members are women, as are several others. Some of these wonderful individuals have been with the company for over twenty years!

Similarly, the Diversity & Inclusion award is given to companies that make room for otherwise under-represented voices, both before and after hiring.

We are always seeking ways to become better as a company, and these honors are a testament to that commitment. Without the individuals who make up our amazing teams, we wouldn’t be where we are today. Thank you to everyone who made this possible!

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