Babitha Girish: Embracing Opportunities to Learn and Grow

Babitha Girish is driven by a desire to see everything she touches function in top form. Phoenix Mecano recognized this trait when she joined the company for a Transitional Work Experience internship in the summer of 2022. Seven weeks after Babitha began, the Frederick Community College attendee was offered a full-time position as a Purchasing Administrator. 

Through the years, Babitha has successfully mastered careers that piqued her interest. When life gave her pauses between occupations, Babitha returned to school. She decided to keep learning, never wanting to be stagnant in life.  “After I got married, I came to the US from India with my husband in August 2003,” she shared. “Since I didn’t have a work permit, I could not find a job immediately. During that time, I didn’t want to waste a single second and sought to ‘upgrade’ myself and my education. I returned to college and pursued my HR management certification training, which launched into a financial career I enjoyed.”

After her time in the investment world, Babitha said she was ready for another educational “upgrade.” She tackled health information management: an area of healthcare where her tactical problem-solving skills procured results to help others. Then, there was a shift in Babitha’s life that made her pause once again.

The 2020 pandemic led Babitha to rethink her career. Although she enjoyed her work, the new demands of her job due to the COVID-19 crisis became untenable. “I wanted to go in a different direction because the hospital expected me to work weekends. It was mandatory at the time, and for me, that was not an option,” she shared. Her commitment to family remains her foremost priority. “Staying in that job would not allow me to spend much time with my children. My kids are in school during the day. I wanted to be involved in their activities and be with them every chance I could,” she said. “It was time to do something different.” 

The work culture she’s found provides the best of both worlds. “Phoenix Mecano offers me a work-life balance. This job is the right fit for me. While my kids are at school, I’m here doing what I love. When they return home, I’m there with them. My career allows me to spend more time with my boys.”

Her new position allows her to draw upon five-and-a-half years of previous experience in the manufacturing sector. “One of the companies I worked for made similar products. That’s one of the reasons that I knew Phoenix Mecano would be a great fit for me.” 

Her keen eye for spotting how systems and processes can work better makes a difference internally for teammates. “Although my role is not client-facing, it’s my responsibility to make sure the communication is clear, and there are no gaps in the process for clients.”  

Clear communication helps businesses thrive internally and externally. Babitha has found that level of communication at Phoenix Mecano. “The work culture is different here. They are open-minded and always check if I need anything or can lend any assistance to help me do my job more easily. I have not heard a ‘no’ about anything. It’s always a ‘yes!’”

Babitha’s problem-solving skills and desire to fill gaps have served her well. With two sons interested in STEM, she sought clubs and activities for them to participate in. When there wasn’t a team for them to join, she created one with her husband, who works in the IT field. “If it’s something my son is interested in, why not start our own team?” she laughed.  

Babitha is also a Coach for the First Lego League Robotics Team. “Last year, our group won 2nd place in Maryland district championships and participated in States competition. We’re already hard at work for the 2022-2023 competition,” she proudly shared. “We are building a robot and coding it to execute certain activities and actions.”

An avid gardener, Babitha spends time in the summer growing vegetables. Not only for her family but also for those with food insecurities served by the Frederick Rescue Mission. Babitha is one of those shining examples we could all learn from: recognize that you can shift with life when life shifts. When you want to learn something new, a wealth of educational opportunities is waiting. When you see a need in someone’s life, fill it, and do so with kindness. Babitha is making a difference in her community and at Phoenix Mecano. We could not be more grateful she is part of our fantastic team.

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