Ex CombiBox by Rose

The Ex CombiBox series provides an elegant and rationally priced remedy in the structuring of Ex control enclosures, in particular. Terminals and switching elements can be installed on two levels.

This robust polyester enclosure, which is available in three sizes – 177 x 177 x 145 mm, 177 x 360 x 145 mm and 360 x 360 x 145 mm – features variable internal height adjustment, making it possible to install equipment on two levels by means of screw-in pivoting mounting frames. This assures significant space-savings when the enclosure is used as an Ex control station; switching elements can installed on the upper level, while the lower level can be used for connection of terminal blocks.

A further highlight is the facility for easy wall-mounting.

Partially open screw channels permit easy installation:

The user can firstly turn the two lower fixing screws into the wall/onto the machine without the enclosure, then position the enclosure on the screws, after which the lower screws can be fully tightened.

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