Ex Stainless Steel Enclosures With Hinge by Rose

IGS industrial enclosures with hinged lid are manufactured in Material 1.4301/304 or, alternatively, in Material 1.4404/316L, and thus assure extremely good protection in harsh and aggressive environments. The lid takes the form of a door, and is secured by means of an internal hinge.

The door, which is equipped with a double ward lock, thus permits quick and easy opening and closure of the enclosure at any time.

The silicone lid seal used permits service-temperature ranges (with ATEX/IECEX certificate) from -55°C to +135°C. Ex IGS enclosures provide Degree of Protection IP 66 as standard.

The lower enclosure section is prepared for the easy installation of mounting plates or DIN rails. These enclosures provide good EMC screening, which can be improved even further by means of a special “EMC seal”.

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