Ex stainless steel by Rose

Ex stainless-steel industry enclosures

These Ex stainless-steel enclosures take the form of high-quality enclosure systems featuring conformity to ATEX and the IEC code. They are particularly suitable for use in harsh and aggressive environments, such as

  • Close to seawater,
  • In areas in which the greatest purity and cleanness are necessary
  • and in EMC applications.

A product range in various sizes from 100 x 100 x 61 mm to 200 x 600 x 121 mm is available for this purpose. These Ex stainless-steel enclosures are notable, in addition to their IP 66 degree of protection, for:

  • tethered lid screws,
  • large opening for installation of extensions,
  • welded threaded inserts,
  • polished surface finish (240 grain)
  • and integrated fixings for DIN rails and mounting plates.

The enclosure body takes the form of a steel structure with an raised sealing edge on the base. The lid and the base can be screwed together using tethered lid screws in closed threaded inserts.

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