E30 Enclosures Polyester / Fire protection enclosures E30 by Rose

Provisions for preventative fire-protection are among the most important elements in the planning of tunnel systems and public buildings. Particularly important here is the maintenance of the power supply for safety-relevant systems for a defined minimum time in case of fire. All provisions for the protection of escape routes must be equipped with systems which assure E 30 maintenance of function. This means that these systems must continue functioning correctly for not less than 30 minutes in case of fire.

E 30 enclosure systems consist of a special halogen-free polyester material. They thus meet all requirements for minimal smoke generation and for the suppression of the generation of corrosive combustion gases. The terminal arrangement is decisive for safe connection and consists in all ROSE enclosures of heat-resistant ceramic terminal blocks with wire retaining clips.
They can therefore be used in acc. with DIN 4102, Part 12 in public buildings and in tunnel systems.

This product range consists of five enclosure types in sizes from 120 x 120 x 90 mm to 250 x 260 x 120 mm.

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