Peltier cooling elements

Cooling units with Peltier technology were developed for cooling of control enclosures and control stations as well as for industrial PCs, monitors and flat screens. Available are 3 types with 50 W, 100 W and 150 W cooling capacity. The electrical connection is made to 24 V DC voltage and the simple installation through a cut-out in the door, side wall, rear wall or roof of the enclosure.

Compared to conventional compressor cooling units, Peltier units have many advantages:

  •     very compact design
  •     Mounting possibility in any position, as the units work without refrigerant
  •     high efficiency

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RPK 100

Order NO.: 83.10 03 02

200 mm307 mm135 mm

RPK 150

Order NO.: 83.10 03 03

200 mm307 mm135 mm

RPK 50

Order NO.: 83.10 03 01

200 mm156 mm135 mm

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