Polycarbonate flange by Rose

Polycarbonate flange enclosures, thanks to their many potential combinations, cover a broad range of applications. The essential benefits of this enclosure system are:

  • Low-price enclosure systems for rewiring projects
  • Universal structure with two to six flange openings
  • Potentials for free combination with other polycarbonate flange enclosures
  • Simple flange handling

The knock-outs for flanges can be closed using various flanges (blind, threaded or connection flanges), depending on the particular application. The enclosure lid (transparent or normal type) is connected to the base of the enclosure by means of tethered quick-release fasteners. These IP 65 enclosures are used indoors.

The main applications for polycarbonate flange enclosures are identical to those of the polyester flange enclosures:

  • Automotive industry
  • Electrical installations
  • All sectors where rewiring is frequently necessary

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