Thanks to the many diverse potentials for combination, these polyester enclosures with flange openings cover a broad range of applications. They provide a universal structure with two to six flange openings and freedom of combination with other polyester flange enclosures.

The flange openings can be closed and/or combined with various flanges, depending on the particular application and the customer’s needs. The range of accessories available includes both blind and threaded flanges, and connecting flanges.

The enclosure lid, optionally available in a transparent version, is connected to the base of the enclosure with tethered quick-release fastener screws.

These enclosures are frequently used in the automotive industry and for electrical equipment, in particular.

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PFS 14001

Order NO.: 14.01 00 01

170 mm270 mm150 mm

PFS 14002

Order NO.: 14.02 00 01

270 mm270 mm150 mm

PFS 14003

Order NO.: 14.03 00 01

270 mm540 mm150 mm

PFS 14004

Order NO.: 14.01 00 00

170 mm270 mm136 mm

PFS 14005

Order NO.: 14.02 00 00

270 mm270 mm136 mm

PFS 14006

Order NO.: 14.03 00 00

270 mm541 mm136 mm

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