Polyester railway enclosure by Rose

Polyester enclosures for the rail-transport industry are orientated around the industry’s requirements and the stipulations of the European DIN EN 45545 fire-protection standard concerning the materials used.

They consist of a special thermoset polyester material which neither melts nor drips in case of fire and generates only moderate amounts of smoke.

In tests performed by an accredited test laboratory this material achieved excellent results for smoke density, lateral spread of flame and release of heat in case of fire. These enclosures can therefore be used in practically all rail projects.

Like our standard enclosures, these polyester railway enclosures can, thanks to their universal structure, be used for a large range of applications, both in the interior and on the exterior of trains. Our product range consists of fourteen enclosure sizes from 75 x 80 x 56 mm to 250 x 400 x 161 mm and a range accessories – which are, of course, also conformant to EN 45545.

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