Polyester Standard by Rose

Thanks to their universal structure, standard polyester enclosures are suitable for the installation of terminals and other electronic components, to permit their use in many sectors of industry, such as mechanical engineering, for example, as classical terminal enclosures or distribution enclosures.

These enclosures offer the advantage, compared to standard aluminium enclosures, of low weight, but nonetheless possess, thanks to the strength of this material, high mechanical strength, and are proof against impacts of up to 7 Joule in acc. with EN 60529.

These enclosures provide reliable protection for equipment against certain acids, oils and fats, as are encountered in chemically aggressive environments, such as the foodstuffs and chemicals industries.

Our product range, of more than 25 enclosure sizes, from 55 x 55 x 37 mm to 406 x 401x 201 mm, and the extensive range of accessories available, enable us to provide our customers with a broad selection of products, and thus a solution for practically every application.

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