Profitronic I/F by Rose

Profitronic I/F is the ROSE subrack enclosure system for IP 40 and IP 65 applications. Various types of front and rear panels are available for individual extensions and displays. These enclosures consist of extruded aluminium profiles with various possibilities for closure:

  • Sheet-aluminium lids,
  • Cast aluminium lids,
  • protective collar lids,
  • Front-panel lid with transparent cover and/or
  • rear mounting wall.

Integrated guide rails permit the installation of PCBs.


Two generally different types are available:

  • Enclosure with Degree of Protection IP 40:    with sheet-metal lid, without seal
  • Enclosure with Degree of Protection IP 65:    with cast aluminium lid and seal

An extensive range of accessories are available for individual extensions:

  • Card mounting for vibration-proof positioning of PCBs
  • Universal clamping system for fixing of multiple connector strips
  • Adapter for variable division of the enclosure spaces into two or more functional groups

The Profitronic I/F is used in various sectors, for protection, above all, of electronics indoors. Typical applications include laboratory systems, C&I equipment, medical technology and optical monitoring systems.

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