Profitronic I by Rose

Profitronic I is the robust ROSE subrack enclosure system for IP 40 and IP 65 applications. These enclosures consist of extruded aluminium profiles with two end covers and/or rear mounting panel. Integrated guide rails permit the installation of PCBs.

Two generally different types are available:

  • Enclosure with Degree of Protection IP 40:    with sheet-metal lid, without seal
  • Enclosure with Degree of Protection IP 65:    with cast aluminium lid and seal

Card mounting for vibration-proof positioning of PCBs and adapters for variable separation of enclosure space into two or more functional groups  provide many diverse potential uses for these enclosures. The Profitronic I is used, above all, for outdoor protection of electronics systems, in robust measuring instruments, for example, and also in rail-transport technology.

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